En Route

My flight to Chile was almost over before it even began. Yesterday my dad dropped me off at the airport and I thought my biggest concern would be checking all my extra oversize luggage. That went smoothly. What didn’t was my lack of a work visa. Work set me up with a round trip ticket, with a return trip in December. Unfortunately I needed more paperwork to stay in the country over 90 days, but I wouldn’t get this paperwork until arrival in Chile. But I couldn’t even check in until I had the paperwork. I was stuck in this catch-22 for 30 minutes or so until after several panicked calls we arrived at a solution: change my return date to April. Whether I come home them or switch it to a later date doesn’t matter. I was able to get my boarding pass and get on the plane. And as a special parting gift from the wonderful people at Detroit Metro Airport, I was treated to a slightly uncomfortable full body pat down in security. Oh well, I’d rather be felt up than blown up.

After a uneventful flight I arrived in Santiago (via Dallas). It was snowing and well below freezing in Detroit, but it’s in the middle of summer here and HOT! I was met at the airport by one of NRAO’s finest, Alina. She helped me get checked in to the hotel and later took me out to lunch. Next we walked around town trying to start the mountain of paperwork. We even made it to the NRAO office and I got to meet everyone.

After that I was on my own. I found my way back to the hotel, changed some dollars into pesos, and bought some bottled water. The money is still hard to figure out (all the zero’s confuse me), but I think I have it under control.

Once the weather cools down I will explore the city some more.


2 Responses to “En Route”

  1. Angela Wolynski Says:

    Enjoy this new adventure! (And thank you for letting us share in it, just a little!)

    Angela Wolynski

  2. Sharon Says:

    Don’t feel too set apart, D…………they give me the pat-down every time, too! You know how terroristic us great-grannies can be, gray hair and all! Too sinister, I guess! Glad you made it thru the red tape!

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