Random Santiago

I’ve been back in Santiago for a few days now and I thought I would share some random pics:

Starbucks in Santiago

Now, before anyone gets upset at American business invading Chile, know this: almost all other coffee here is instant.  Yes, thats right, Nescafe rules supreme here.  Starbucks is a much much welcome addition.  Although I didn’t make it to this one today because it was inexplicably closed on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  Instead I got a delicious Latte at Juan Valdez cafe (?)

Next up is how they wash skyscrapers in town.  Scary:

Window washing, hardcore

Friday I went out looking at apartments.  I went with a real estate agent / expat assistant and looked at about 6 different places.  I kind of knew as soon as I got to the first one that was the place I wanted, but I suffered through all the other places just to assure myself how much nicer the first one was.  It was located in an older part of town, in a neighborhood full of bavarian style houses.  It was fairly spacious and had a nice balcony and a laundry room.  There are two bedrooms in case any guests want to stop by (hint hint) and two bathrooms.  There is also a nice yard for the whole complex and a little swimming pool as well.  Its an older place and needs some painting, but I’m pretty much sold.

The biggest drawback is that the apartment is not furnished (meaning no refrigerator or washing machine, but does include an oven and toilet!)  All the other places where furnished (down to the silverwear and bedsheets!), but in the long run its cheaper to go unfurnished.  Plus the other places were  big buildings (30+ stories!), located on busy streets, way more expensive and without any views.  Oh…did I mention the first apartment has a beautiful view of the city and the mountains?  🙂  Also, there are several parks and running paths nearby, not to mention a metro station.  I think I will like it there.


2 Responses to “Random Santiago”

  1. Vincent Cruz Says:

    Has anyone been in contact with Derek since the massive earthquake this morning?

  2. Russ Ferguson Says:

    Please tell me your apartment survived the 8.8 earthquake. I hope you are well. Send a note when you get a second.

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